Alec Baldwin Breaks Character In New Call To Action Video About Trump

Alec Baldwin Breaks Character In New Call To Action Video About Trump

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Actor Alec Baldwin is humorously most recognized as Donald Trump today as he does his impersonation on Saturday Night Live. But now he’s breaking character to call more serious attention to the real threat that Trump poses on American democracy, in a video from Mic. Baldwin raises the alarm that Trump just might fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller as his investigation gets closer to Trump himself and his family members.

It’s actually a bit odd to see Baldwin as Baldwin and not as Trump for a change! He’s also looking very sober and troubled by the serious news about Trump.

“Donald Trump is in big trouble, and he knows it,” says Baldwin.

He elaborates on the recent news about disgraced former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who continues to get into more trouble even today about his communications with Russia during the campaign and after the election.

Trump still tries to call the Russian probe a “made up story,” “fake news,” or a “Russia hoax,” and attempts to discredit the Mueller investigation, but every time he does, it just reinforces that there is something very big to hide.

“What is Trump so scared of us knowing?” says Baldwin.

Baldwin goes on to explain why his tone is so dead-serious. Trump very well might obstruct justice by firing Mueller and pardoning his aides and family members. The result would be a constitutional crisis that America might not recover from.

“We can’t let this happen,” he implores.

Congress might be a partisan dysfunctional mess, but they are also, unfortunately, our last line of defense against Trump.

Since “We the People” are the actual bosses, we need to hold our Representative accountable, asking them to go on the record and say they will take action to impeach Trump if he resorts to firing the Special Counsel. They must have no doubt whatsoever that the people of this country will not accept anything less. Our future as a nation depends on it.

Baldwin introduces a new way to easily reach your own Congress member. Text “ACT” to 21333 and you will be connected. Easy.

Resistbot, another highly popular service, lets you text a message to fax to your Representatives, though a call may be more memorable. (You can also call with Resistbot.) “Write Congress in under 2 minutes,” as their website says.

See Baldwin’s video below and we hope you take his call-to-action with all seriousness.

Featured image: Alec Baldwin via Wikimedia Commons