Ana Navarro Guts Trump For Racist Attack On Andrew Gillum

Ana Navarro Guts Trump For Racist Attack On Andrew Gillum

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Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is running ahead of his Republican opponent Ron DeSantis in the polls as Election Day nears. He’s also black, so of course, President Donald Trump viciously attacked him and drew the wrath of Ana Navarro as a result.

Trump took to Twitter on Monday in support of DeSantis by suggesting that Gillum is a “thief” who is too incompetent to even run a city, much less a whole state.

The racist attack drew immediate condemnation, especially from Navarro, who lives in Florida.

During an appearance on CNN, the Republican strategist hammered Trump by pointing out who is the real thief.

“I think the more he inserts himself into that race, the more he helps Andrew Gillum,” Navarro began. “I think that his insults are shameful and they are lies.”

“If you go check the Twitter feed of the guy who was sending the explosives through the mail, this guy was obsessed with Andrew Gillum,” she continued in reference to the MAGAbomber, who targeted Trump’s political opponents and critics in a mass assassination attempt. “I can’t tell you how many tweets I saw of this guy attacking Andrew Gillum — then the president gets in the middle of this race.”

Indeed, by attacking Gillum, Trump has literally made him a target of violent right-wing extremists.

But Navarro also pointed out that Trump is the last person who should call anyone a thief.

“This president has to pay a $20 million settlement for bamboozling people through Trump University,” she said. “He says Andrew Gillum is going to turn Florida into Venezuela. Guys, there is more chance of me walking down the aisle in a size 0 dress than there is of Andrew Gillum turning Florida into Venezuela.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Navarro isn’t the only one who fired back. Gillum also responded via Twitter with an epic burn.

And we all know that Trump hates being ignored.


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