Angela Merkel Steps Up to Work With Trump “Despite Differences”

Angela Merkel Steps Up to Work With Trump “Despite Differences”

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At the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany President Trump further isolated both himself and the United States from the rest of the world. It has become clear that he is both unable and uninterested in being the Leader of the Free World. US Presidents have led the Western world with confidence for decades. This departure leaves a vacuum of leadership.

Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Anglea Merkel may just be stepping into the role Donald Trump has so clumsily vacated. She showed her ability to lead in both international gatherings of which President Trump has been a part.

She has stepped out in leadership on issues of climate change and trade, clashing with Trump. Merkel did find places where she was able to agree with President Trump at the G20 summit. She says that they do have common ground on issues such as fighting terrorism.

This ability to both disagree and remain respectful and able to find common ground further exemplifies her international leadership skills.

Chancellor Merkel Insists it is Important to Work With Trump

Merkel, finishing up a French-German summit in Paris, remarked on the need to work with Trump despite vast differences.

She mentioned common ground held with Trump then spoke of their time at the G20 saying,  “we also had to name clear differences, for instance regrettably the difference on whether we need the Paris climate accord or not.”

She went on to say, “We did not paper over these differences, but nevertheless contact; the ability to speak is of course important.” And added, “we all agree that we need close cooperation on security questions with the United States of America, despite all differences of opinion.”

French President Emmanuel Macron agrees he has said that he and Merkel are on the same wavelength. Some have questioned his invitation to President Trump to attend Bastille Day celebrations in Paris on Friday.

Bastille Day is the French National Day and commemorates the US WWI effort. The parade Friday will include US troops.

Macron said, referencing questions of his invitation to Trump, “We should never forget that history is bigger than us.”