‘Are You Gonna Shoot ‘Em, Sean?!’ Geraldo Shreds Hannity For Demonizing Immigrants

‘Are You Gonna Shoot ‘Em, Sean?!’ Geraldo Shreds Hannity For Demonizing Immigrants

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With the midterm election now exactly two weeks away, President Donald Trump and his fellow propagandists at Fox News are trying to use fear of immigrants to terrify their voters into showing up and casting a ballot that will keep Republicans in power and protecting the most lawless head of state in American history.

But when Fox host Sean Hannity tried to toe the party line Monday evening on his show, Geraldo Rivera pushed back forcefully on Trump’s talk of a caravan of migrants traveling from Central America to seeking asylum in the United States.

The debate began when Hannity boldly declared:

“We won’t let them in. Not this way. We have a sovereignty and border issue here.”

Rivera then asked Hannity:

“What are you gonna shoot ’em Sean?! What are you gonna do with the Army there? Bayonet them? What are you gonna do?”

Hannity angrily replied:

“No. They need to be stopped in Mexico. Are you going to just say come on in and never vet them?”

Former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka, who was also a panelist, rushed to Hannity’s defense, trying to shame Rivera for what he’d said:

“This is really beneath you. Geraldo.”

Rivera, however, was in no mood to be chided by someone as notoriously racist and xenophobic as Gorka, and he quickly fired back:

“Don’t give me that beneath me stuff! Don’t give me that crap! Don’t you insult me!”

The issue of immigration has been a controversial one since the founding of the American republic. There was a time when many in this country feared allowing Irish, German, and Italian immigrants into the United States. At another point in history, there was a fear of immigrants from Asia. More recently, Trump has tried to demonize anyone from the Middle East or Mexico. But this is a nation of immigrants, and we’ve been made stronger when we practice tolerance and inclusion.

It’s time we all stood up and reminded people like Sean Hannity, Sebastian Gorka, and Donald Trump that they don’t speak for the vast majority of Americans. And the best way we can do that is with our voices and our votes.

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