Avenatti Lays Verbal Smackdown On Dershowitz For Questioning His Integrity (VIDEO)

Avenatti Lays Verbal Smackdown On Dershowitz For Questioning His Integrity (VIDEO)

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Noted attorney and law professor Alan Dershowitz thought he could try and call into question the honesty and integrity of Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing adult film star Stormy Daniels in her defamation suit against President Donald Trump, but he wound up getting his head handed to him.

Both men were guests on This Week to discuss news that broke this week about Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, having recorded a conversation he had with Trump regarding hush money payoffs to Karen McDougal, who claims she had an extramarital with Trump before he was elected. Avenatti said this one tape is a problem for Trump because there are more of them:

“That ultimately is going to prove to be a big problem for the president, you know, that old adage—you live by the sword and die by the sword—will be true in this case because the president knew his attorney had a predisposition towards taping conversations with people, and Cohen had shared tapes with the president along the way during the ten years of legal representation. Donald Trump knew better, and it’s shocking to me that he now expresses shock about being taped.”

Dershowitz interjected this query:

“I have a question for Michael Avenatti. How do you know there are other tapes? You’re not in a position where you could possibly know that properly. How do you know there are other tapes involving the president of the United States? Are you privy to what was seized from the office? That’s a very important question. I wish you would answer it.”

Avenatti was in no mood to take any BS from Dershowitz, responding:

“I’m not going to answer your question because I don’t have to answer your question, but suffice it to say, Alan, that my accuracy rate over the last six months has been a lot better than yours as it relates to this matter.”

Professor Dershowitz tried to defuse the situation, commenting:

“I’m not getting into anything personal. I just want to know how you know.”

But Avenatti was having none of it:

“Please don’t interrupt me. Please don’t interrupt me, okay? My accuracy rate over the last six months has been spot on in this case and if I’m wrong, why don’t we have Mr. Trump or his attorneys come forward today, right now, and claim there are no other tapes? You’re not going to hear that because—you’re not going to hear that because there are other tapes, period.”

Dershowitz kept pressing:

“How do you have that information? How are you right? How did you get that information that nobody else knows? You’re not in a position where you have been given that information properly. So I think you do have an obligation to answer that question.”

That’s when Avenatti shut Dershowitz down completely:

“Alan, let me say this: All the information the FBI seized, that’s not under lock and key. The only way it would be improper for me to have it is if the FBI gave it to me. I could have receive it from Michael Cohen, one of his counsel, or others. There is a host of ways I could have obtained it.”

Sounds like the Cohen-Trump tapes could become the biggest hit since the ones that wound up getting Richard Nixon in trouble and led to his resignation. Let’s hope for a similar outcome this time.

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