Avenatti Says He Has Proof Two Other Women Were Paid Hush Money By Trump (Video)

Avenatti Says He Has Proof Two Other Women Were Paid Hush Money By Trump (Video)

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Now that President Donald Trump has admitted he paid hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels, it seems logical to ask a follow-up question: Is Daniels the only woman Trump has tried to silence with a payoff?

According to Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, at least two other women are now saying they were given substantial sums of money in order to keep them from revealing affairs they had with the president.

On Morning Joe Thursday, Avenatti announced that two additional women have contacted him:

“They’re not fully vetted, but there are at least two I think are on solid ground,. I think that as the evidence rolls out over the coming months disclosures are going to be made that my client was not alone as relates to these payments.”

Avenatti also hinted that the two women in question were paid much larger sums than the $130,000 his client received.

When asked if the payments had been made to the two other women shortly before the 2016 election, as was the case with Daniels, Avenatti declined to offer specifics, but did note:

“They may create additional exposure. They may prove to be problematic.”

What kind of problems? The kind Trump doesn’t need more of: Legal problems. Avenatti added:

“I mean, if in fact the president deducted these payments to Michael Cohen as a legal expense — meaning expense or legal services, which appears to be what Mr. Giuliani suggested as relates to how Michael Cohen was reimbursed — that would be a problem. Because it would not be a legal expenditure if it was a pass-through in order to reimburse him for the Stormy Daniels payment.”

Just how many women has Donald Trump paid hush money to? Three? Five? Dozens? No matter the number, if it was done through shell corporations or ran afoul of banking and tax regulations, both he and his attorney, Michael Cohen, are looking at being charged with some very serious crimes. All of Trump’s bad behavior and endless lies seem to be coming back on him in one giant spasm of karma that may destroy him.

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