Bad Day For Bannon: House Intelligence Testimony And Grand Jury Subpoena From Mueller

Bad Day For Bannon: House Intelligence Testimony And Grand Jury Subpoena From Mueller

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It’s a big day for former top White House strategist and former Breitbart chairman, Stephen K. Bannon. He testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, the same day news broke that he has also been subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller to appear before a grand jury. It’s the first time a grand jury subpoena has been issued on one of Trump’s inner circle. So much for this Russia investigation being a “hoax!”

There are many implications of the rare grand jury subpoena. One of them: Bannon won’t be able to consult with his attorney during his under-oath testimony. Jacob Wohl, a conservative political commentator noted this distinction on Twitter.

Joyce Alene, University of Alabama Law Professor and MSNBC contributor commented that the special case of Bannon’s subpoena may indicate that he was unwilling to testify.

Legal expert, Renato Mariotti says that Bannon will face tougher questioning and cross-examination. If Bannon incriminates himself he can be indicted.

Bannon has hired the same attorney as Donald F. McGahn II and the former White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus. Mariotti explained that sharing an attorney could “help the witnesses tailor their testimony.” That won’t be a problem if Bannon appears before the grand jury.

According to the New York Times report, Mueller could also be using the subpoena as a negotiating tactic.

“Mr. Mueller is likely to allow Mr. Bannon to forgo the grand jury appearance if he agrees to instead be questioned by investigators in the less formal setting of the special counsel’s offices about ties between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia and about the president’s conduct in office,” wrote Michael S. Schmidt.

A prosecutor who investigated Bill Clinton, Solomon L. Wisenberg, said that the subpoena may give Bannon “cover” and an excuse to tell the whole story.

“By forcing someone to testify through a subpoena, you are providing the witness with cover because they can say, ‘I had no choice — I had to go in and testify about everything I knew,’” said Wisenberg.

Bannon’s explosive comments in a book about what he called the “treasonous” Trump Tower meeting by Donald Trump Jr. and the Russians have thrust Bannon back into the spotlight and added scrutiny from Congress and Mueller. At the same time, Cambridge Analytica, the data firm where Bannon held a position on the board has been asked to turn over internal documents as part of the Russia investigation.

Bannon’s public feud with Trump could forever change the Russia investigation all by itself.

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