Bannon Wants All-Out War against McConnell in 2018

Bannon Wants All-Out War against McConnell in 2018

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Trump’s former Chief Strategist Bannon and other Trump allies plan to go all out on McConnell and his chosen incumbents in next year’s primaries, people familiar with the matter told Politico. Experts believe the move could undermine the party’s prospects for reelection as it could waste money that should be used against Democrats.

Sources also said that Bannon would coordinate the effort to undermine McConnell and the Republican establishment. The former White House official has been holding private meetings with potential challengers, pledging his support.

His effort is backed by Trump’s super-donor Robert Mercer who is more than ready to invest millions of dollars in a push to destabilize GOP’s incumbents. Bannon has reportedly asked a close aide to coordinate an outside group focused on targeting GOP congressmen and advancing Trump’s agenda.

Washington Republicans are alarmed as Bannon’s push could drain the party’s coffers until the general election. McConnell repeatedly alerted the White House that the push could strip the GOP of its four-seat Senate majority.

Bannon Targeting GOP Incumbents

However, Bannon is undeterred. Last week, he met with Danny Tarkanian who will be challenging Sen. Dean Heller at the Breitbart News unofficial headquarters in Washington, D.C.

In the 30-minute rendezvous, the former White House Chief Strategist assured Tarkanian that he has his full support in next year’s race. Sen. Heller of Nevada is one of the GOPers that declined to back Trump in the 2016 election.

Bannon targets other GOPers. For instance, Sen. Jeff Flake will face a tough primary race in Arizona. Bannon and Trump’s former deputy campaign manager David Bossie are working together on finding the best challengers. Flake has been criticizing Trump in recent months and even wrote a book about why Trump place isn’t in the White House.
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