Bill Maher Expertly Trolls Trump: ‘If You Can’t Read, You Can’t Be President’ (Video)

Bill Maher Expertly Trolls Trump: ‘If You Can’t Read, You Can’t Be President’ (Video)

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It’s not an exaggeration to call Donald Trump the most intellectually incurious president in American history. He reportedly refuses to read position papers or even his daily intelligence report.

On Real Time Friday night, host Bill Maher said he’d had enough of what he called Trump’s “illiteracy,” and declared it was time for a new rule to apply if anyone wants to be head of state:

“I know Donald Trump is a stable genius, but he handles a teleprompter about as well as The Real Housewives handle wine. That’s why it took him an hour-and-a-half to sound out the State of the Union Address. The man is an after school special waiting to happen.”

Referencing Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury, Maher then quoted a line in which Wolff noted that for Trump, “If it was in print, it might as well not exist.” That led the host to quip:

“And pretty sneaky of Wolff to put it where Trump would never see it––in a book.”

Worst of all, Maher said, it would seem that Trump is the perfect leader for a country that also seems to be unwilling to learn anything new or dig deeper for a greater understanding of the issues:

“He’s actually proud that he makes decisions without learning anything, which makes him the perfect president for a nation perpetually looking at is phone. Illiteracy isn’t Trump’s shame; it’s his bond with us, a sub-literate president for a sub-literate country, a country where the majority of adults get their news from Facebook and 24% of teenagers are almost constantly online- mostly with James Franco. A quarter of Americans say they haven’t read a book in the past year and the other three quarters are lying.”

Perhaps if more Americans did read or even bother to do some real research on where candidates stand on the issues, we wouldn’t be stuck with Trump as president.

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