Bill Maher Returns To Lay The Smackdown On Trump In Hilarious Monologue (Video)

Bill Maher Returns To Lay The Smackdown On Trump In Hilarious Monologue (Video)

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Bill Maher returned from vacation this week and did not waste time getting right back to skewering President Donald Trump on everything from attacking the free press to trying to lower fuel efficiency standards and his whining about the Russia investigation.

Maher began with a public service announcement pointing out that the midterm election is in 95 days.

“Clear your calendar,” he said.

Then he got to Trump.

“Our president has always been unhinged, and I have to say that he didn’t get more hinged,” Maher quipped.

Indeed, Trump has doubled down on his vicious attacks on the free press, particularly every media outlet except Fox News.

“This week he held two of his hillbilly Nuremberg rallies,” Maher continued. “It’s scary for the people in this profession, he called them the ‘enemy of the people.’ Except of course, for Fox News. Those guys are so far up his ass they’re called the enema of the people. From now on, collusion is not a crime but journalism apparently is. We live in a country now where reporting reality gets attack because it threatens the fantasy world created by the cult leader.”

Maher then moved on remark on the Russia investigation and how Trump refuses to acknowledge that Russia attacked our democratic process despite what his own intelligence chiefs say. Trump is also repeatedly calling the investigation rigged and demanded that Attorney General Jeff Sessions end it.

“What happened to ‘I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation’?” Maher asked. “And if you’re so innocent why do we have to stop the investigation? It’s like when you come home and the first thing the kids say is the babysitter’s a liar.”

Maher then dinged Trump for claiming that lower fuel efficiency standards will “save lives” because people will drive less.

“Trump is claiming he’s doing this for safety reasons,” Maher said. “Always the number one concern of a man who f*cks pornstars without a condom.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

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