Busted! The List Of ‘Family Values’ Republicans Busted For Sex Crimes Grows Almost Daily

Busted! The List Of ‘Family Values’ Republicans Busted For Sex Crimes Grows Almost Daily

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Whether they are anti-gay or simply just call themselves “family values” Republicans, the list of individuals who identify that way accused or convicted of horrendous sex crimes grows almost daily. Some of them are politicians, and some of them are not. What they all have in common, however, is the fact that they worship the president and they are all Republicans.


Police in Tennessee just charged former anti-LGBTQ pastor Matthew Dennis Patterson with eight counts of aggravated assault. According to police, Patterson asked children to sit on his face and stomach, “sometimes in their underwear.”

The accusations stem from his entire twenty-year career, and police anticipate additional victims coming forward. The investigation is ongoing.

Patterson, however, is just the last in an ever-growing list of people just like him, far-right and Republican, who keep getting caught with their pants down.


Insofar as Republican politicians go, there is unquestionably no shortage of them on this list either.

Ralph Shortey is a former Oklahoma State Senator, and he was also county campaign coordinator for President Donald Trump. Shortey pled guilty to sex trafficking of a minor because he was caught soliciting sex from a 17-year-old boy.

In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to drop the three counts of child pornography. Shortey could be sentenced to life in prison for his crimes, nonetheless.

The two-term former State Senator ran for office on a “family values” platform and is married with four children.

Wes Goodman is a self-proclaimed conservative Christian who based his entire career on anti-LGBTQ “family values,” was caught having sex with a man in his office. He reportedly lived a secretly gay life, all while campaigning against the rights of homosexual people to get married.

Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act, he opposed expanding a hate-crime bill that would have included crimes against LBGTQ individuals in the law, and he voted against a bill that would have outlawed employers from discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation.

He was arrested and later pled guilty to soliciting sex from an undercover cop in an airport bathroom. He is a married rancher with three children and nine grandchildren.

Rep. Scott DesJarlais is next on the list. DesJarlais, sadly, got re-elected in Tennessee and still serves in the House. He was a doctor before he ran for office. DesJarlais is staunchly anti-abortion.

While he was a doctor, he cheated on his wife with many of his female patients as well as some of the staff where he worked. He also wrote fake prescriptions and bought fancy trips for the women he was cheating with.

When DesJarlais’ wife got pregnant, he pressured her into getting an abortion. Twice. He did the same thing to at least one of his girlfriends, as well.

Philip A. Giordano was a former Mayor of Waterbury, Conn. In 2003, he was convicted of sexually abusing two little girls while he was Mayor. Giordano had a prostitute bring her daughter and her niece, ages 8 and 10, to a sexual encounter with him. Both he and the prostitute are both serving time in prison for the offense.

Judge Roy MooreAnd as much as we want to, we can’t forget about Moore. Moore barely lost in a special Senate race in Alabama late last year. He was supported by the Republican National Convention as well as the president.

Moore thinks that gay people should all get the death penalty, that slavery wasn’t such a bad deal at all, and he refused to allow gay marriages, even once they were legal. Moore has been accused by more than six women of sexual abuse ranging from rape to sex with a minor.

He was reportedly banned from a local mall because he wouldn’t stop following teenage girls around the place.


Unfortunately, that list is only the tip of an enormous, very scandalous iceberg. There is literally a record of these incidents that go on far longer than it should. However, perhaps from a different perspective, considering who their supreme leader is, maybe it’s not all that surprising.

Donald Trump closes out the list. It is difficult to know where to begin with this one, however. With his constant attacks on women, LGBTQ individuals, people of color, and immigrants, far-right and family values doesn’t begin to describe his loathsome behavior. But what about behind closed doors?

Of course, there is the fact that he allegedly had an extra-marital affair with a porn star right after his current wife gave birth. On top of that, there is also the fact that he admitted, directly on tape, to sexually assaulting women by grabbing someone right by her pussy.

There’s also the fact that he has now been accused by at least 15 women of some form of sexual misconduct, as well.

Sadly, with that kind of moral compass leading the show from the White House, this list is likely to continue growing.

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