The Cajun Navy Mobilizes to Aid Houston Rescue Efforts

The Cajun Navy Mobilizes to Aid Houston Rescue Efforts

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Hurricane Harvey battered the Houston area on Friday but the rain is still coming.  The area has already been devastated by flooding and reports suggest they may still receive an additional 50 inches of rain or more. Federal officials are predicting around 30,000 people need shelter with 45,000 victims seeking some sort of disaster assistance. FEMA Administrator Brock Long said, “Texas has never seen an event like this.”

Cajun Navy, Volunteers From Louisiana Come To Help

The ‘Cajun Navy’ fleet mobilized to rescue people last year, stranded by flood waters in southeast Louisiana. Volunteers gathered again in Baton Rouge, LA preparing to go to the Houston area to help rescue efforts. The group is comprised of volunteers with boats.

Some volunteers have already arrived in the Houston area but with so many affected, he Houston police department put out a call for assistance from anyone with a boat. That request was tweeted by the Louisiana’s Governor’s office and the ‘Cajun Navy’ answered right away.

A Message From Neighbors

Jon Bridgers Sr., an organizer in charge of the ‘Cajun Navy 2016’ Facebook page said Sunday, “We’re planning a large push to head in probably in the next day or so when things calm down about. It’s just something we have to play by ear a bit and see how the weather cooperates.”

Bridgers said the images he’s seen out of Houston, TX bring back haunting memories. He had this message for the people of Houston, “Don’t give up hope, we’re coming as quick as we can.”