California Lawmaker BURNS Mike Huckabee For Trying To Insult His State

California Lawmaker BURNS Mike Huckabee For Trying To Insult His State

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee decided to insult California on Twitter Tuesday and it did not go well, especially when a California lawmaker fired back.

As California continues to deal with a tragic record-shattering wildfire season, Huckabee, who fancies himself a “Christian” pastor, announced his intention to travel to the blue state by attempting to make a “joke,” which included referring to the state as a “foreign country.”

Well, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) noticed Huckabee’s lame tweet and fired back by reminding him that the Arkansas economy is ranked 40th in the nation and 49th in healthcare compared to California, which ranked 4th and 11th.

Poor Huckabee. He must have really believed he could “own the libs” by packing straws in his luggage. Clearly, his attempts at insults and humor are as terrible as his ability to govern a state. Then again, what did we really expect from a twice failed Republican presidential candidate whose daughter constantly lies to the American people for President Donald Trump?

Other Twitter users also mocked him by informing him that Arkansas also ranks among the worst in education and is a welfare state:

As usual, Huckabee should think before he tweets, especially since Arkansas is now the butt of a lot of jokes because of him.

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