California Couple Charged With Torture After Police Discover Horrific Scene

California Couple Charged With Torture After Police Discover Horrific Scene

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While everyone was busy celebrating MLK Day and protesting the Trump administration today, something out of the ordinary went down in the state of California.

In a story that might as well be straight out of a horror movie, Reuters reported on Monday that thirteen siblings were rescued by police in California from a house where some of them had been chained to beds. Police have officially charged their parents with torture.

Torture and Child Endangerment

The house where the siblings were found sits about 70 miles east of Los Angeles in Perris, California. Police responded to a call from a 17-year-old girl escaped from the house with a cell phone she found. Upon arriving at the location, police discovered the 13 siblings, ranging from ages 2 to 29.

The parents are currently being held on $9 million bail, and rightfully so. The report indicates that the couple had been starving their children and inflicting torture upon them for reasons yet to be determined.

Officers initially believed the girl who called to be about 10 years old. Her parents, David Allen Turpin, and Louise Anna Turpin were arrested and charged with nine counts of torture and 10 counts of child endangerment. Much to the surprise of the police, seven of the siblings discovered were adults.

Police were told by the siblings that they were starving. Details regarding how and why the parents decided to hold their 13 children hostage have yet to be released, but the outrageous story will assuredly get more bizarre as the details emerge.

A Reclusive Family Dynamic

Neighbors who spoke to Reuters described the Turpins as “shut-ins” who avoided social contact. The family reportedly rarely emerged from their home, and neighbors didn’t report noticing anything unusual.

One neighbor said that her only contact with the family was in October when she passed the house at night and four children were installing sod in the front yard while their mother watched from the door. None of the children responded to her hello.

“They were very, like, afraid. Like they had never seen people before.” – Wendy Martinez

It gets weirder: California state records list David Turpin as the principal fo the Sandcastle Day School, with its address at the Turpin house. If by “day school” you mean “torture chamber”…

The Turpins are set to appear in court on Thursday.


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