Another CEO Dumps Trump Panel

Another CEO Dumps Trump Panel

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The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Javier Palomarez stepped down from the President’s National Diversity Coalition on Tuesday citing Trump’s “inhumane” decision to end the DACA program.

The Obama-era program shielded thousands of young people from deportation. These young people, known as “Dreamers” came to the U.S. as children. Palomarez thinks that the decision to kill the program is both economically harmful and inhumane.

The CEO blasted the decision as “disgraceful” and against the country’s values. Palomarez also questioned Trump’s promises to direct resources to efforts to deport individuals that committed violent crimes while protecting the young men and women included in the DACA program.

In the past, Trump told Dreamers to “rest easy” since his administration was after criminals.

The president tried to defend the decision, but his critics weren’t convinced. Ending DACA was one of his core campaign pledges as part of a comprehensive immigration reform, but the president also said he loved Dreamers and promised to treat them “with heart.”

Congress Should Step In

Trump told reporters Tuesday that he would not make Dreamers a priority, but Congress should use the six-month delay to craft a legislative solution. House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican voices in Washington underlined that Dreamers have done nothing wrong and should be protected.

Democrats and immigration advocates were unmoved.

Palomarez pointed out that Trump misled an entire country when he made a promise but failed to keep it. The disgruntled CEO thinks the administration’s pro-growth agenda for the 4.2 million Latino business in the U.S. is doomed with a President that lacks leadership and so far has failed to unite the country on basic immigration issues.

Palomarez called for Congress to step in and unite the country by passing meaningful legislation for Dreamers.