Children’s Charity Pulls Fundraising Event from Mar-a-Lago

Children’s Charity Pulls Fundraising Event from Mar-a-Lago

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A Florida-based charity for children with disabilities announced Tuesday that they were ending a partnership with Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf club over Trump’s failure to adequately handle the Charlottesville attack.

Bullying Won’t Be Tolerated

The nonprofit is irked that the nation’s chief executive took so long to condemn the Neo-Nazis and white supremacists behind the violence at the rally which led to the death of one woman in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Unicorn Children’s Foundation announced that their mission is to smooth the social integration, acceptance, and support of special needs children and young adults. The group underlined that they aren’t a political organization, but the hatred and bullying the children had to put up with on a nearly daily basis will not be tolerated on a national level.

The group wrote in a Facebook post that they would no longer hold their events at Trump’s Palm Beach estate because it would be a disservice to its supporters due to the turbulence stirred by the venue. The group had planned to hold a luncheon at the private golf club.

“We prefer the conversations to be centered off the venue” and focused more on the kids than politics, the group explained.

Other Charities Ditched Trump

The charity, though, is not the first to distance themselves from Trump. The Salvation Army and the American Cancer Society have both canceled their fundraising events at the private golf resort after the Charlottesville incident.

In total, 16 non-profits and charities have refused to do business with Mar-a-Lago since the deadly attack earlier this month. The Palm Beach Post found that the number may be even higher if we take into consideration the recent months.

The New Jersey chapter of United Ways canceled an event at the President’s New Jersey golf club, saying that it couldn’t agree with the “divisive worldview” of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists that Trump seems to support.
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