Chris Matthews: Trump Is Running A Fake Presidency

Chris Matthews: Trump Is Running A Fake Presidency

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We sure have missed Chris Matthews.

No, he hasn’t gone anywhere. He has been doing his “Hardball With Chris Matthews” program five days a week for years. But also for years, Matthews stopped playing Hardball. Today, on his program, the MSNBC host was back. (see video below …)

Matthews was talking to his panel, made up of David Corn, Heidi Przybyla, and former federal prosecutor Seth Waxman. The subject was Donal Trump’s latest “conspiracy theory” which got blown to bits (just like all the others) after the big DOJ/Congressional meeting that the lead up became (after Trump created a new conspiracy theory that he dubbed “Spygate”) a circus with Trump tweeting about a wild conspiracy that the Obama administration “spied” on his campaign for “political purposes.”

What actually got discovered was that the FBI acted properly in all facets.

Corn started the discussion, pointing out that this was the fifth attempt by Trump to nullify the investigation. The former four being that it was “unmasking” which was the real scandal, then it was Obama “wiretapping” Trump, then it was the FISA warrant, and then Uranium One.

All were proven to be bogus.

Today, the fifth fake story was proven to be baseless as well.

Then Matthews told us how he really feels:

“He — in many ways is running a fake presidency. This doesn’t exist, this whole thing doesn’t exist — any more than the birther thing existed. It’s made up stuff.”

Matthews then turned to Przybyla and asked her how do we stop covering this fake stuff? The President, no matter who it is, is going to get daily coverage. He asked why does this continue to happen?”

The NBC correspondent responded by pointing out that no one in Trump’s own party will step up to challenge it. Republicans in Congress seem to be in two camps, some who support him and a larger group that is just afraid of his base and losing their seat.

She then went on to explain how the President takes these “slivers” and small openings and fills it with his false narratives, knowing his base will buy it and congressional Republicans will pretty much be forced to go along.

So what must change, obviously, is for the GOP to stand up against him. Will that happen after the primary season? After the midterms? Never?

Check out the clip from The Chris Matthews Show below:

Matthews also definitively showed Trump lying again today, in regards to his claim that ex-CIA chief, James Clapper supposedly “admitting” that there was a spy in his campaign who was there to get dirt for Clinton. Clapper actually said the opposite, and Matthews showed the clip from the View where he very specifically said that there was nothing that Trump alleged happening.

Seth Waxman finished off the segment, pointing out the “Tony Soprano-esque” way he sent his attorney to the meeting, despite the White House saying that wouldn’t happen. Aside from the lie, the “threating” tone that it sent was just improper — any way one slices it.

It is nice to see Chris Matthews back. Now, perhaps some Republicans can find their spine again and stand up for what is right. If they do, they will need to play the same kind of unwavering hardball that the MSNBC host and his panel showed today.


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