Christian Fox News Columnist Rips Evangelicals For Choosing Trump Over Jesus

Christian Fox News Columnist Rips Evangelicals For Choosing Trump Over Jesus

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As evangelicals continue to support President Donald Trump despite his immoral behavior and scandals, Fox News columnist Cal Thomas is criticizing them for choosing Trump over the teachings of Jesus.

Evangelicals have compromised their own views by sticking by Trump, who cheated on his wife with multiple women, including porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal.

Trump’s crass behavior from attacking journalists, name-calling, persecuting immigrants, and punishing the poor and sick, has also been ignored by evangelicals despite the fact that the Bible commands Christians to heal the sick, help the poor, and welcome strangers in their homeland.

Indeed, the Golden Rule as written in Luke 6:31 is to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Yet, evangelicals refuse to turn against Trump, choosing instead to support the devil as long as he is doing their bidding.

Thomas, however, slammed the “unaccountable devotion many Christian leaders have for President Trump” in a new column published by Fox News warning evangelicals that they can’t serve two masters. They need to choose Trump or Jesus.

“If God is supreme and Jesus is Savior, doesn’t it follow that their commands and teachings should be paramount?” Thomas wrote.

There is no expectation, much less any command, for believers to prop up a fallen world through government. It’s quite the opposite. What would be the world’s perception of evangelicals if they started obeying the commands of their true leader? Those commands are to love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, feed the hungry… clothe the naked, visit those in prison and care for widows and orphans.

“Yes, some do these things, but not enough,” Thomas continued. “Today, “evangelicals” are perceived by many as one more interest group attached to the Republican Party and especially President Trump. Its members need to make a choice as to which one is their true “master.” They can’t serve both.”

Thomas also took a shot at evangelical leader Franklin Graham for claiming that “God showed up” to help Trump get elected, pointing out that “God also must have “shown up” when Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and every other president was elected.”

Franklin Graham, of course, is one of Trump’s biggest supporters and has twisted himself in knots desperately trying to defend him.

Here he is on CNN defending Trump in the midst of the Stormy Daniels scandal.

The bottom line is that evangelicals are hypocrites. If former President Obama had said or done any of the things Trump has, evangelicals would have damned him to hell and pushed for impeachment. But because Trump is carrying out their agenda, evangelicals couldn’t care less how much Trump sins. Trump was right. He could murder someone on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and evangelicals would forget all about “Thou shalt not kill” in the Ten Commandments.

Sounds to me that they’ve already chosen Trump over Jesus.


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