Clinton on Running for Public Office: “I’m done”

Clinton on Running for Public Office: “I’m done”

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After failing to clinch the presidential seat twice in one decade, Hillary Clinton said that she no longer want to run for a public office.

“I am done with being a candidate,” she told CBS Sunday.

However, she stated that she won’t distance herself from Washington politics because the “country’s future is at stake.” Clinton made the announcements in an interview designed to discuss her new memoir which will appear Tuesday.

Her remark that the country’s future is in peril refer to her efforts to hold the President accountable. It is not the first time she attacked Trump. She had blasted him often in the past both on and off the campaign trail.

On Sunday, she described the 2016 presidential campaign as a reality show that got Trump elected. She also blasted Trump for complaining that the nation’s highest office is much harder than he thought it to be. “Well, yeah, because it’s not a show. It’s real,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s Memoir

In her latest memoir, dubbed “What Happened,” Clinton looks in retrospect at the events that caused her to lose the election. She also details how she felt after the defeat and how she managed to recuperate.

Clinton told CBS that after she lost to Trump, she learned new breathing methods to calm her down and even turned to a glass of wine now and then. She recommended her viewers to try “alternate nostril breathing,” which she says was very useful in those critical moments.

In her memoir, she accuses several people of playing a key role in her defeat. Those people include the former FBI director James Comey, who said she was “reckless” in the way she handled work e-mail from the State Department on her private, home server. She also had some harsh words for Bernie Sanders and surprisingly President Obama and Vice President Biden as well.

In the latest interview, she acknowledged that she has regrets over the way she bypassed the State Department’s rules on handling government emails. She conceded that “the most important of the mistakes” was employing a private email server to conduct government business.
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