CNN Puts Trump Jr. In His Place For Whining About Network Not Running His Dad’s Racist Ad

CNN Puts Trump Jr. In His Place For Whining About Network Not Running His Dad’s Racist Ad

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After CNN refused to air President Donald Trump’s racist ad, his son Donald Trump Jr. whined about it, resulting in a public smackdown by the news network Trump hates the most.

On Wednesday, Trump posted a blatantly racist ad on Twitter in an effort to attack Democrats ahead of the November 6th midterm election. The ad, which resembled a Willie Horton ad from 1988, featured illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes, who murdered two police officers in 2014 and vowed to kill more during his court hearing. Trump accused Democrats of letting Bracamontes into the country and laced in footage of unknown people in unknown locations being violent, portraying them as migrants who are part of the caravan heading to the United States southern border.

Both Democrats and Republicans condemned the ad for portraying all immigrants as killers and criminals, but also for lying because Democrats were not in power when Bracamontes entered the United States illegally during the Bush administration in 2001 and again in 2002.

In fact, disgraced Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio had released Bracamontes for “unknown reasons” in 1998 after he had been arrested on drug charges in Arizona.

Democrats also did not let Bracamontes stay in the country because he was repeatedly deported after being caught during the Clinton administration.

The racially and politically charged video is so bad that CNN chose not to air it, turning down money to do so.

Of course, Trump Jr. complained.

But CNN did not let Trump Jr. get away with his attack, slamming him with facts on Saturday.

CNN was well within their rights to reject Trump’s racist ad. It paints all immigrants as dangerous and bloodthirsty, which is what Trump wants people to think as they go to the polls on Tuesday to vote.

But the migrants traveling to the United States are mostly women and children fleeing for their lives from political upheaval and violence in Central America. They are seeking asylum and are not the threats Trump is making them out to be.

He and his family are desperate to keep power, and if Democrats take back the House, the subpoenas are going to put Trump and his crime family in a world of hurt that could finally bring him down, thus ending the nightmare America has been dealing with for two long years.


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