Colorodo GOP Senator Blasts Jeff Sessions For Breaking Promise On Marijuana

Colorodo GOP Senator Blasts Jeff Sessions For Breaking Promise On Marijuana

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Never before did we ever think that not only would marijuana be legalized in certain states in the United States, but that a Republican would be arguing to keep it in place. Even crazier, we never thought that a conservative would be against States’ Rights.  We also never thought that a washed-up, billionaire Reality TV host could ever be elected to the highest office in the land, but nothing is normal in this Upside-down-world-from-Stranger-Things in which we all live.

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) threatened to block all nominees to Justice Department posts in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ ridiculous decision to end Obama-era policies that allowed states to continue their legal operations without federal encroachment. Gardner also warned that the looming Justice Department announcement would make things especially harder for 2018 Republican candidates in states where pot is legal, such as Gardner’s state of Colorado.

Gardner went so far as to meet with Sessions in the hopes of reaching a compromise or soften Sessions insanely backward stance on the issue of marijuana. Gardner appeared on MSNBC to discuss the details fo the meeting.

The meeting went as I expected it. He’s going to hold to his position and I’m going to hold on to my position. Adding, my positon, of course, is prior to his confirmation ,he made a commitment that we wouldn’t see a significant shift in marijauna policy that we’re now seeing.

Garder continued to reinforce his position that Sessions misled Senators during his confirmation hearing on promising to maintain some of the Obama-era policies on states where pot is legal.  He also seems to believe that Sessions position is not the position of the White House.

I actually think it’s not necessarily the administration but rather the Attorney General who,I beleive, has a different position then the White House, said Gardner.

Gardner primarily cited “states’ rights” as his main motivation for supporting Colorado’s law, which he said he voted against — at least initially. He noted that recently Colorado recently reaffirmed the decision to legalize by an even larger margin than the initial passage. Gardner did not comment how he voted the last time around. Regardless of his own votes, the Senator surely sees that being against Colorado’s legal pot is a political loser in the state.

Watch the entire exchange below:

Featured image via screen capture @MSNBC