Conservative Radio Host Rakes Sessions Over The Coals For Separating Migrant Kids From Parents

Conservative Radio Host Rakes Sessions Over The Coals For Separating Migrant Kids From Parents

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In what may well go down in U.S. history as the most shameful and cruel policy since the internment of nearly 200,000 Japanese Americans during World War II, the Trump administration is now forcibly separating families seeking asylum as part of their so-called plan for immigration, and as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is one of the cabinet members most responsible for implementing the policy.

The Attorney General ran into an unexpected buzzsaw during an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, who asked Sessions:

“Is it absolutely necessary to separate parents from children when they are detained or apprehended at the border?”

When Sessions said it was, Hewitt followed up by telling the AG he was “disturbed” by the heartless policy, then adding:

“I had the deputy secretary of HHS on last week, and he explained to me how the 10,000 children in the care of the United States are cared for at more than 100-plus facilities. Have you, Mr. Attorney General, visited any of those facilities?”

Sessions admitted he hadn’t been to a detention facility:

“I have not visited them. Those are within the ambit of the Homeland Security and the Health and Human Services. But I believe for the most part they’re well taken care of. They turn, but I’ve got to tell you, we have some problems like we don’t often know who it is that comes and picks them up.”

Hewitt then personalized the debate, asking the Attorney General:

“Can you imagine your grandchildren separated from your children for a period of 72 hours or even longer in a dormitory with up to, the deputy secretary told me, 1,000 other children and the impact on them of that?”

But Sessions refused to relent and admit how wrong the policy is:

“Hugh, you can’t, the United States can’t be a total guarantor that every parent who comes to the country unlawfully with a child is guaranteed that they won’t be, is guaranteed that they will be able to have their hand on that child the entire time. That’s just not the way it works.”

The host pressed yet again:

“But we’re the United States of—”

Sessions interrupted Hewitt in mid-sentence, commenting:

“But to be clear, in my opinion, I’ll agree with you this. I agree with you that I wish the system would allow for that. I wish we could afford to do that.”

Hewitt then destroyed Sessions with one line that must have cut him to the quick, provided he has a heart:

“We can afford this, and it’s so inhuman to take children away from their parents.”

We can afford endless trips to Florida so Donald Trump can play golf at Mar-a-Lago, but we can’t afford to keep families together when they come to this country seeking safety and asylum? Just how screwed up are the priorities of this malevolent administration?

Listen to the interview for yourself:

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