Conspiracy Theory Could Prove Deadly For Florida’s Dittoheads

Conspiracy Theory Could Prove Deadly For Florida’s Dittoheads

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Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh said that we shouldn’t worry too much about Hurricane Irma, which has already surpassed the strength and intensity of a Category 5 storm. According to Limbaugh, the storm hype is a hoax staged by liberals in a bid to convince the American public that climate change is real.

On Monday, the conservative firebrand suggested the hurricane which is expected to hit Florida in the coming days is a liberal conspiracy, just like many other extreme weather phenomena.

The radio host started his monologue by acknowledging that he isn’t a meteorologist, but that didn’t stop him from offering his opinions on weather and hurricanes. He couldn’t be reached for comment after the show.

Limbaugh lives in Palm Beach, Florida, where bottled water had already sold out before Irma made a landfall. He concluded that the media uses Hurricane Harvey stories and pictures to create panic. This is how “the system works,” he added.

Hurricane Harvey, which is the strongest storm the U.S. has ever seen has killed 63 people and displaced more than 1 million Americans. Limbaugh couldn’t offer evidence on how Harvey’s devastation was also a hoax perpetrated by the liberals, conservationists, or the Deep State through the media.

Limbaugh on the Global Warming-Hurricane Link

Limbaugh also accused “official meteorological circles” of having a bias when assessing such phenomena since they believe climate change is man-made. He even mentions Al Gore for linking global warming to stronger hurricanes.

Despite his fan base eating up Limbaugh’s lies, the storm is real, and climate change is directly responsible for more powerful and more devastating storms. But Limbaugh insists there is evidence to back his disbelief in the man-made climate change connection. The Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory recently announced that concluding a cause-and-effect link between human activities and hurricanes is “premature.” The group, however, acknowledged that “it is likely” that global warming will cause more intense hurricanes worldwide in the coming century.

NBC meteorologist Al Roker took to Twitter to blast Limbaugh for putting people’s lives at risk: