Police Raid Home And Get In Firefight With The Wrong People

Police Raid Home And Get In Firefight With The Wrong People

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A report from Fox 32 Chicago shows that the Detroit Police Department may have some internal communications it desperately needs to be addressed. The east side of Detroit has been running rampant with drug problems for years.

Most of the residents already know this and are aware that authorities have been unable to reduce the frequency of drug crimes. The Detroit Police attempted to step up their game by enforcing the law but inadvertently began fighting one another.

On Thursday, November 9, two undercover officers from Detroit’s 12th Precinct were working their normal beat in an Andover neighborhood. Posing as drug dealers, they were working a corner and attempting to find people to solicit their products to in order to make a bust.

Unfortunately, two other officers from Detroit’s 11th Precinct were also working the same neighborhood in an attempt to make a bust on drug dealers in the neighborhood.

The undercover officers posing as drug dealers had been working their corner for a while and were approached by the other 2 undercover agents. Not realizing the dealers were themselves fellow brothers-in-blue, the agents from the 11th Precinct pulled their weapons and attempted to make an arrest against the dealers.

While this was happening the backup for the 12th Precinct began a raid on an Andover house in the 19300 block. Guns were drawn on both sides while punches were exchanged between officers. No civilians were involved and the homeowner was unharmed.

The homeowner watched as the officers from different precincts began brawling in the Andover neighborhood. The homeowner stated

You’ve gotta ¬†have to have more communication, I guess. I don’t understand what happened about that – communicate.

An investigation is currently underway by the Internal Affairs Division of the Detroit Police. No official word has come out from the Chief of Police or anyone in charge. That likely will not happen until a full review has been conducted.

Video footage of the event is available for the investigators as one of the groups of officers were wearing mobile video devices. They may surface for public distribution in the next week, according to Fox 2 in Detroit.