The Taxpayer-Funded, Religion-Based Scam That Lures Women Seeking Abortion (Video)

The Taxpayer-Funded, Religion-Based Scam That Lures Women Seeking Abortion (Video)

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John Oliver exposes Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which are set up across the country to lure in women seeking abortions, when in fact, they exploit false advertising. Although they often have the word “Choice” in their name, abortion is never one of the choices here. They’re actually “the exact opposite of an abortion clinic.” The centers outnumber abortion providers, and women should be aware of what they are getting into before they walk in the door, or get pulled into a van!

There are around 2,752 Pregnancy Centers in the U.S. compared to 1,671 abortion providers. The centers often locate themselves close to abortion clinics, hoping to lure women into their doors first, offering them unsolicited counsel. They also operate mobile clinics in vans that they can drive near abortion providers to tempt women into them. Seriously…they tempt women into vans.

“What is happening with CPCs is that, way too often, women with unplanned pregnancies are being actively misled while trying to access health care,” says Oliver. “And CPCs seem happy to have women confuse them for abortion clinics.”

In fact, Oliver shows a statement from Abby Johnson, an anti-abortion activist who told a conference of CPCs that the best clients are those who believe they are walking into an abortion clinic.

If a woman seeking an abortion does end up in a Crisis Pregnancy Center, they are subjected to “every trick in the book” to convince them not to have an abortion. Oliver calls that “disingenuous and predatory.”

Scripts provided by one provider include fake data suggesting women who have abortions have an elevated rate of suicide or breast cancer, which is, of course, not true.

One script from Heartbeat International even suggests:

“Condoms are ineffective in preventing pregnancy…”

Although they may offer free ultrasounds, the treatment may be more about emotional manipulation than actual medical assistance. The goal is to coerce women into deciding to carry the pregnancy to term.

Even though the clinics want to stop abortions, they also refuse to offer birth control options. That’s because they may be church-affiliated, and against birth control on religious grounds.

“Birth control should be your favorite thing in the whole world, but of course, many of these CPCs are about much more than just abortion. They’re about controlling women’s sexual behavior,” says Oliver.

Although John Oliver is able to make the whole thing insanely funny somehow, the sobering and serious parts will probably enrage you. The government funds these sham “clinics,” which avoid regulation as health care providers, yet offer fake medical advice and ultrasounds. What’s worse, they may stop offering pregnancy items once women have their babies. Pro-life only until birth. Then, go ask the Lord for help?

It’s critical that more women become aware of what the Crisis Pregnancy Centers really are. Instead of offering women a real choice, they appear to be mostly there to prevent abortion, masquerading as medical providers and counselors who offer misleading information. If it surprises you that something like this is legal, much less funded by taxpayer money, you aren’t alone.

Watch the video from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube