Democrat Wins Wisconsin Special Election That Scott Walker Refused To Call

Democrat Wins Wisconsin Special Election That Scott Walker Refused To Call

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Democrats in Wisconsin kept the blue wave rolling on Tuesday, capturing a state senate seat in a special election that Governor Scott Walker had previously refused to call. Now we know why he was reluctant to call it.

Earlier this year, Walker stated that he would not call for a mandated special election in the wake of former state Sen. Frank Lasee (R) leaving his seat for a position in Walker’s administration.

A judge would later call out Walker’s bullsh*t, and issued a ruling ordering him to call the special election.

“To state the obvious, if the plaintiffs have a right to vote for their representatives, they must have an election to do so,” Dane County Circuit Judge Josann Reynolds said.

Reynolds, who just so happens to have been appointed by Walker, further slammed the Republican governor in her decision.

“I cannot reconcile the incongruity between Governor Walker’s administration’s very vocal and consistent policy advocating for strict constructionism and the position taken by the attorney general in this case involving the most basic constitutional guarantee,” she wrote.

Despite Republican efforts to block the special election, it was held on Tuesday in District 1, a district President Donald Trump won by 17 points in 2016. This time, however, it was the Democrat who secured the victory as voters elected Caleb Frostman to the state senate.

“Tonight is a good night for Wisconsin Democrats,” Democratic Party chair Martha Laning said. “We continued a winning streak by flipping a red seat blue and electing Caleb Frostman to the state Senate, a 21-point swing from Trump’s 2016 performance.”

Indeed, this win is the 43rd state legislative seat that has flipped from red to blue since Trump took office, a winning streak that has Republicans panicking as the 2018 midterm election in November approaches.

Democrats, on the other hand, are more excited and motivated to vote than ever and this current winning streak could be a sign of things to come as the party hopes to take back the House and Senate from a GOP that refuses to stand up to Trump and his abuse of power.

And with Frostman’s victory, Democrats are also hoping the blue wave turns Wisconsin blue. Republicans still control the state, but the GOP majority in the state senate just shrank by one. Walker is up for re-election in November as well, so Democrats have a shot at taking back the governorship.

But for now, Frostman is grateful for the voters who showed up to make his win a reality.

Let’s just hope the voters show up in November, too.


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