Denny Heck Reveals Just How Close Bob Mueller Is To Nailing Trump In Bombshell Interview (Video)

Denny Heck Reveals Just How Close Bob Mueller Is To Nailing Trump In Bombshell Interview (Video)

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In the ever-unfolding saga that is the Russia investigation, First Son Donald Trump Jr. testified before the House Intelligence Committee yesterday. While the conversation took place behind closed doors, it is expected that the younger Trump’s summer Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-linked attorney, as well as other Russian operatives involved in money laundering and the like, would be a primary topic of conversation.

Don Jr. seems to have changed his tune regarding the meeting several times over the past months. Despite that, the investigations seem to be closing in on what actually happened instead of relying on the lies that many in the administration seem to cling to.

Today, Representative Denny Heck (D-WA) appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC following Jr.’s appearance on the Hill.

While Heck made clear he was not at liberty to share details of the day’s events, he proceeded to drop what seem to be clear bombshells. Heck seemed to characterize what happened with Don Jr’s closed-door hearing as having many common threads with other elements of the investigation.

The bombshells began at the top of the interview when Heck characterized the interview as an “interrogation,” and they did not stop there. Heck said that the interrogation was a “very worthwhile use of our time.”

On the state of the investigations, Congressman Heck had this to say:

“… progressing nicely across the investigations — House, Senate, the fourth estate, and most importantly Bob Mueller. In fact, if this were a football game we are in the 3rd quarter, it may even be the beginning of the end (for Trump).”

Then things got serious, Matthews commented on the fact that so many people who are closest to the President have such a seemingly difficult time remembering anything about these serious allegations or Russia — “selective amnesia” as Matthew’s other guest, Betsy Woodruff put it.

Matthews asked Heck if their poor recollections are credible. Heck responded that they aren’t and that when you look at the entirety of the evidence, “There is no question about it. Chris, there’s a reason why there are now two convicted felons in the inner circle and two more who are under indictment. There’s a reason why it was revealed this week more indictments are coming. There’s a reason why the Mueller investigation is literally now in the White House interviewing people immediately surrounding the President. They’re one step away from the President at this point.”

Heck concluded with the million dollar question, “Why did any of these people lie? Why do they keep lying?”

The last thing Heck says on the subject (at the end of the clip) is “tick tock” inferring that more indictments are on the way.

Check out the entire interview below which also includes a new report about how General Michael Flynn was selling out the country just 11 minutes into Trump’s tenure. Yes, the hits just keep on coming …


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