Donald Trump Jr. Says Criticism Of His Father Subverts ‘The Will Of The People’

Donald Trump Jr. Says Criticism Of His Father Subverts ‘The Will Of The People’

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It’s been awhile since we heard from Donald Trump Jr., and while most of us haven’t missed him in the least, he decided he’d weigh on the recent turmoil caused by the new Bob Woodward book and op-ed written by a member of his father’s administration which was published last week in the New York Times.

Tara Palmeri of “Good Morning America” sat down for a interview with Don Jr. and asked if anyone in the administration can be trusted. Junior replied:

“I think there are people in there that he can trust, it’s just — it’s a much smaller group than I would like it to be.

“It would be easier to get things done if you’re able to fully trust everyone around you. I think that’s a shame.”

Who might have penned the op-ed? Don Jr. speculated that it was probably a low level staffer:

“This is very low level person who will throw their name on an op-ed, and basically subvert the vote of the American people who elected my father to do this job.

“Listen, I think you’re subverting the will of the people. I mean, to try to control the presidency while not the president. You have millions and millions of Americans who voted for this.”

As for his own potential legal exposure in the ongoing Russia investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Junior insisted he isn’t the least bit worried:

“I’m not because I know what I did and I’m not worried about it.”

However, the facts of what Don Jr. did in June of 2016 certainly sound more than a tad suspicious: He agreed to meet with Russians connected to the Kremlin so he could obtain “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. When that information came to light, Junior lied and said the meeting had been about adoptions. But when that proved to be a lie, he backtracked and said he never told his father he was meeting with the Russians. He’s told so many different versions of the story that none of them sound the least bit credible.

Here’s the interview:

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