Donald Trump Jr. Spreads Dad’s Debunked Claim That The FBI Ignored Hillary’s Emails

Donald Trump Jr. Spreads Dad’s Debunked Claim That The FBI Ignored Hillary’s Emails

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President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., spread one of his dad’s propagandist conspiracy tweets on Sunday in yet another obsessive rant about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Earlier this week, Trump howled on Twitter about a report on Fox News claiming that the FBI only looked at less than one percent of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails during the investigation in 2016.

Trump Jr. then repeated it and suggested FBI agents revolt.

However, the report has not been confirmed in any capacity by legitimate news organizations, nor by the FBI itself.

It stems from a website with conservative and pro-Trump bias that cites an unnamed official without providing any other evidence to prove the claim.

During his testimony to Congress, former FBI Director James Comey clearly explained that investigators looked at the emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, but most turned out to be duplicates of emails that agents had already read.

“Somehow, her emails are being forwarded to Anthony Weiner, including classified information, by her assistant, Huma Abedin,” Comey said. “And so they found thousands of new emails and then called me the Saturday night before the election and said thanks to the wizardry of our technology, we’ve only had to personally read 6,000. We think we can finish tomorrow morning, Sunday.”

And they finished when Comey said they would, which is why the FBI cleared Clinton for the second time. But the damage had already been done as Clinton would go on to lose the election partly because of Comey’s October surprise.

But this ridiculous report has no evidence to back it up, and even the report released by Inspector General Michael Horowitz validated the result of the Clinton investigation.

According to The Washington Post:

Although Horowitz criticized the very public way that Comey handled the probe, the inspector general concluded that the investigation itself — and the ultimate recommendation not to charge Clinton — were sound.

Horowitz found “no evidence that the conclusions by department prosecutors were affected by bias or other improper considerations.”

Clearly, Trump and his cronies are trying to use this new conspiracy theory to undermine the FBI and Justice Department in an effort to kill the Russia investigation. But Hillary’s actions have already been investigated and have nothing to do with the current investigation against Trump, which has already already in several guilty pleas from Trump associates such as Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn, the conviction of Paul Manafort, and over two dozen indictments.

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to close in on Trump and his inner circle, which includes Trump Jr. since he met with Russian agents inside Trump Tower in June 2016 to get “dirt” on Clinton, Trump and his family should worry more about going to prison instead of obsessing so much over Hillary’s emails.

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