Man Liquored Up With Gun Strikes Baby’s Crib Half A Mile Away

Man Liquored Up With Gun Strikes Baby’s Crib Half A Mile Away

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In the never-ending death spiral of America’s gun stupid, the bar for idiocy reaches a new low. Police in Oklahoma report that a drunken man firing off his new gun managed to hit a baby’s crib across town.

Firing a gun into the air does not mean the bullets don’t eventually fall to the ground

Raw Story reports on the frightening events that day:

An Oklahoma man drunkenly celebrated the purchase of a new gun by shooting off dozens of rounds, police say — and one of those bullets may have struck a baby’s crib a half mile away.

Andrea Johnson heard a loud noise outside her Moore home about 1:30 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, but she was unable to determine its cause until the following day after going into her baby son’s bedroom, reported KFOR-TV.

Police describe the breakdown in normative cultural behavior that near fateful afternoon:

Investigators told the mother a man who lives about a half mile away fired off nearly 30 rounds from a newly purchased gun while drunk, and they suspect he fired the bullet that struck her baby’s crib.

This is why drunk men in need of Viagra should not be allowed to play with shiny objects that go “Bang!”

The mother was initially unable to locate the source of the noise. She discovered her baby’s crib splintered. She initially wondered if her child had been chewing on the rails as she reported he was teething.

However, the next day she discovered another shiny object — the bullet that could have killed her son.

Police relate the trajectory of said bullet:

Police said the bullet pierced an outside wall, the living room ceiling, a second interior wall and finally was stopped by the crib bar.

What goes up must come down. Even God does not have a catcher’s mitt for this level of stupid.

The N.R.A. was unavailable for comment.


Featured Image: Wikimedia CC –  diegoparra