Elise Jordan Burns Conservative Pastor For Whining About Her Calling Trump A ‘Scumbag’

Elise Jordan Burns Conservative Pastor For Whining About Her Calling Trump A ‘Scumbag’

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MSNBC contributor Elise Jordan slammed President Donald Trump’s moral failings on Wednesday morning only to be attacked by a conservative pastor on Twitter. That proved to be a big mistake.

In the wake of Trump’s longtime “fixer” Michael Cohen pleading guilty to campaign finance crimes related to hush money Trump directed him to pay to women he had extramarital affairs with to keep them quiet, Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski asked if Trump’s supporters might finally abandon him.

“The short answer is no,” Jordan bluntly began. “It’s very baked in as of now, and is not going to change that Donald Trump is indeed a scumbag. Voters know that.”

“They do not expect him to be the kind of man who treats his wife with any decency and dignity and that is a known and isn’t necessarily going to move the most hardcore voters,” she continued, going on to note that man women who voted for Trump likely regret it now as the Republican Party as a whole crumbles under the weight of immorality and hypocrisy.

“Look at the Republican Party, big picture, just how they have lost completely any credibility as a moral force for virtue as they continue to lie and deny that what Donald Trump has done is wrong,” she concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Despite Trump’s immorality being well-documented, a Trump-loving right-wing pastor named Don Fugate of Foxworthy Baptist Church in San Jose, California attacked Jordan on Twitter for calling Trump a “scumbag.”

Jordan saw Fugate’s complaint and promptly responded by burning him to the ground for being a hypocrite.

Some Twitter users even helpfully listed some of Trump’s most egregious behavior for Fugate.

Evangelical pastors should definitely keep their mouths shut if they are going to defend Trump’s immoral behavior. All they do is embarrass themselves and Christianity by defending him


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