Erin Burnett Slaps Trump Minion With Reality For Making Bogus Claims About North Korea

Erin Burnett Slaps Trump Minion With Reality For Making Bogus Claims About North Korea

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CNN host Erin Burnett and national security analyst Samantha Vinograd took down Trump supporter Steve Cortes on Tuesday night for ridiculously insisting that North Korea is no longer a threat to the United States and our allies.

After President Donald Trump returned from his trip to Singapore, during which he met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, he posted a tweet declaring that Americans “can sleep at night” because the threat of nuclear war no longer exists.

However, new evidence shows that North Korea recently built new nuclear and missile facilities, and could be capable of striking the United States, far from the denuclearization Trump claims Kim Jong Un agreed to do.

Cortes told Burnett that North Korea is a big win for Trump because Kim Jong Un isn’t firing missiles anymore and that Trump got hostages back.

Burnett was not impressed and proceeded to hit Cortes with facts.

“The realistic view, Obama freed more hostages than Trump,” she pointed out. “And promising to denuclearize has historically meant nothing from North Korea. They have agreed to do it, and not done it again, and again, and again. There’s proof that they have expanded facilities. So, why do you say we don’t know if they are not serious?”

Indeed, North Korea has promised to give up its nuclear program over a dozen times in the last thirty years and still has not done so. This time is no different except for the fact that Trump got played on the international stage after he gave major concessions to North Korea, including the end of joint military exercises with South Korea, something Vinograd noted earlier in the segment.

Once again, Cortes declared that North Korea isn’t a threat simply because they are not firing missile tests, resulting in Vinograd shooting down his reasoning.

‘He doesn’t have to shoot them anymore, does he?” she asked before Cortes ranted on.

“We are not negotiating with Italy or Britain. We are negotiating with the most rogue regime on the planet,” he said. “It’s not a surprise that there’s going to be ups and downs with the administration. You are relying on an unnamed source that told CNN, X, Y, Z, you are relying on the North Korean ministry. Mike Pompeo, who I choose to believe, a former congressman, Secretary of State, he said great progress was made. I choose to believe his version of what happened in North Korea and we will see what happens from here.”

Burnett still wasn’t buying the bullshit Cortes was trying to sell and dropped the hammer on him.

“Steve, he hasn’t given up a single weapon, so the threat is not gone,” she said. “That’s an absurd thing to say. He hasn’t destroyed a single weapon. You’re talking about intent, which is impossible to measure.”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

North Korea is definitely still a threat. Anyone who believes otherwise is foolish and will regret taking Trump and his cronies at their word when a missile hits the United States. Trump chose to spike the football and declare victory even as Kim Jong Un builds new nuclear facilities and long-range missile factories. Clearly, North Korea has conducted all of the missile tests they require and don’t need any more of them.

That’s a major threat, and we would be blind to believe this is a sign of peace.


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