Floridians Drive Gov. Rick Scott From Campaign Stop, Furious About Republican’s Toxic Red Tide

Floridians Drive Gov. Rick Scott From Campaign Stop, Furious About Republican’s Toxic Red Tide

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Florida Governor Rick Scott is taking on Bill Nelson for his seat in the Senate this November. Nelson is Florida’s only statewide elected Democrat and the race could be tough, but now it appears there could be a serious problem washing up Scott’s hopes: an ongoing deadly and toxic red tide under siege by a blue wave of voters who demand a clean environment.

It seems Rick Scott has a new nickname in the Sunshine State: “Red-Tide Rick”

When Scott showed up at a Cuban restaurant in Venice along his campaign route, where he planned to give a speech, a crowd of protesters furious about all the dead marine life washing up on Florida shores drove him away in minutes with chants of:


“Red Tide Rick has got to go!”

“Hey, hey, ho, ho, Red-Tide Rick has got to go!”

A sign read: “No one should get sick from a day at the beach!”

Another read: “Blue wave or Red tide: Clear choice”

See the large crowd chanting below:

A typical Republican when it comes to the environment, Scott has made it his mission to slash funds for environmental agencies and water quality programs. He’s loosened regulations on septic tank inspections, leading to leaky systems. That along with runoff from fertilizers have polluted the local waterways.

Now the worst red algae bloom in over a decade is killing off endangered manatees and sea turtles and killing off tons of fishes and other creatures. Piles of the dead and decaying animals are washing onto shorelines where Florida counts on tourism dollars.

From The Huffington Post:

“People are also affected. If ingested, touched or inhaled, the algae can cause nausea, vomiting and, in severe cases, acute liver failure and neurological issues, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Scott has declared a state of emergency.”

One of the protesters said:

“He’s a coward; he wouldn’t face these people” resident said of Rick Scott
“Once you wipe out the economy and the tourism, Florida’s dead.”

When it comes to his handling of Florida’s beautiful environment and marine life, Scott has clearly made a toxic bed for his state to reside in.

Now voters will be left with a clear choice: blue wave or red tide?

See more in the video below:


Featured image: Screenshot via Twitter/ABC7