Former Ambassador To South Korea Rips Trump For Selling Out Our Ally

Former Ambassador To South Korea Rips Trump For Selling Out Our Ally

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President Donald Trump gave North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un basically everything he wanted at the expense of our ally South Korea during the Singapore summit on Monday. And former Ambassador to South Korea Christopher Hill was shocked by how easily Trump surrendered.

For all Trump’s bragging about being a good negotiator, that was certainly not on display during his meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Without getting a damn thing in return, Trump shockingly announced that he is stopping joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises, something North Korea has long been seeking.

“Under the circumstances that we’re negotiating a very comprehensive complete deal I think it’s inappropriate to have war games,” Trump said, referring to the exercises as “provocative,” and siding with Kim Jong Un in the process.

The South Korean government was blindsided by Trump’s remarks, especially since North Korea has been hostile towards South Korea for decades.

“Regarding President Trump’s comment regarding ending of the combined military drills, we need to find out the exact meaning or intention behind his comments at this point.”

Trump even floated the possibility of withdrawing all American troops from the peninsula, a move that would leave South Korea vulnerable to attack, all while fantasizing about building condos in North Korea.

Again, North Korea did not have to give up anything in return to get this concession from Trump. It’s a huge win for North Korea.

During an appearance on Morning Joe on Tuesday, Christopher Hill, who served as the American ambassador to South Korea from 1983 to 1985, expressed his own shock that the sitting American president would betray a longtime ally in this way.

“I’m a little worried about it, and I’d like to know how that all happened, but to me, the most extraordinary news of this whole day was another blow to allies,” Hill began. “The president announced to a press conference that what he called ‘war games,’ annual defensive exercises we have with South Korea, he considers them ‘provocative’ and he’s going to stop them. I can understand the North Koreans taking that position, I’m a little surprised at our own president taking that position.”

Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas was also stunned by Trump’s concessions to North Korea.

“That’s stunning, that comment,” he said. “That suggests this was not wired. The idea that the president would unilaterally go out there, portray this in terms like ‘provocative’ and ‘war games,’ surprise an ally whose very existence depends upon the 28,500 American troops and the backing behind it, that is a stunning shock to an ally.”

Here’s the video via MSNBC:


Once again, Trump blundered on the international stage. He secured zero concessions from North Korea while giving them a prestigious meeting and a concession they have always wanted. And all Kim Jong Un had to do is merely claim to want to denuclearize. And there was nothing in the agreement that detailed how that will happen and how we will be able to verify it. North Korea played Trump like a fiddle, and our Asian allies are going to pay a price for it. And so will the United States as our national security just took an embarrassing hit because Trump is an idiot who has no idea what he is doing.

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