Former Assistant Director Of FBI: New Cohen Revelations Will Destroy Trump (Video)

Former Assistant Director Of FBI: New Cohen Revelations Will Destroy Trump (Video)

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On Wednesday, the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) made a criminal referral to the Department of Justice in response to a financial filing made by President Donald Trump which proves he did indeed lie about having his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pay $130,000 in hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels, further compounding the president’s legal problems.

And now the former Assistant Director of the FBI, Frank Figliuzzi, is warning that Trump is facing three possible outcomes, two of which would spell the end of the the president.

Appearing on Morning Joe Thursday, Figliuzzi commented:

“The first [scenario] lacks credulity, that is that the president knew nothing about the payments. He’s a good guy trying to repay his lawyer, Cohen, who tells him after the fact, ‘I need compensation.’ We’ve gone beyond that because Giuliani has said that the president knows Michael takes care of such things.”

Then Figliuzzi moved on to the other scenarios, both of which create an existential crisis for Trump:

“Scenario No. 2 is the that president knew this was being done, he knew fictitious corporations might be set up. He knew a bank, a loan might have been set up fictitiously and there was money laundering or foreign governments involved. That makes him a co-conspirator for those underlying violations.

“The third scenario is he found out later that things done were illegal and he paid Michael back. That makes him an accessory after the fact. He’s in trouble.”

Figliuzzi also noted that Cohen is now facing the untenable prospect of decades in federal prison if he chooses not to flip on the president and tell what he knows:

“He’s one of the few people that I believe can raise the flag and say, ‘I’ve got what you need’ — and I think that’s going to happen. When he sees the federal sentencing guidelines, the criminal exposure he has, he goes back to his family and says, ‘You’re not going to see me for decades.’ He’s going to flip, and how does he save himself? He talks about the big man, he talks about the president of the United States.”

No matter how you slice it, Donald Trump is getting closer to either being booted from office or having to resign in disgrace. It cannot happen soon enough.

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