Former Federal Prosecutor: There Are Only Two Things That Could Stop Michael Cohen From Flipping (Video)

Former Federal Prosecutor: There Are Only Two Things That Could Stop Michael Cohen From Flipping (Video)

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Amidst reports that President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, would probably have no choice but to cooperate with federal investigators and testify against his client, Trump fired off these tweets over the weekend:

But on MSNBC Monday morning, a former assistant U.S. Attorney implied that Cohen may have no choice but to flip on the president. Mimi Rocah, who worked as a federal prosecutor for 16 years, commented:

“In my experience, first of all, people who say they’re not going to flip at this stage of the game, it’s too early to tell. They change their mind quite often, and I’m talking about people who have every incentive not to cooperate — like organized crime members, members of violent gangs — so when the pull is very strong, as it must be here for Michael Cohen and must be a very pull strong pull to Donald Trump they still cooperate quite often.”

Rocah added that while it’s still early in the Cohen case, which is being handled by the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York, the Trump attorney is clearly facing some hard times ahead:

“It’s too early to tell. He hasn’t seen the strength of the case against him, which my impression is it’s going to be strong or they would haven’t gotten that search warrant.”

If Cohen does turn against the president, that’s very bad news for Trump, Rocah continued:

“The second thing that’s important to know is that if he does cooperate, I think he’s going to be a very valuable cooperator because people who are that — those are the people you do need to cooperate are the people on the inside.”

Clearly, Cohen has several reasons to cooperate with prosecutors, but only one incentive to remain loyal to Trump, Rocah noted:

“If he doesn’t cooperate it’s going to be probably out of loyalty because, and/or because he decides to take the case to trial, which is his right to do.”

Michael Cohen could be facing decades behind bars. Unless he wants to grow old in prison and never see his family again, he’ll be signing like a canary.

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