Fox & Friends Panel Of Independent Voters Rejects Trump’s Immigration Fear Mongering

Fox & Friends Panel Of Independent Voters Rejects Trump’s Immigration Fear Mongering

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Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy and President Donald Trump suffered humiliation at the hands of independent voters on Monday when many of them overwhelming rejected fear-mongering about immigration.

Specifically, they were asked about the so-called “caravan” f thousands of migrants from Central America who are marching northward to the U.S.-Mexican border in search of a better and more peaceful life.

Trump has been railing against the migrants for days now in an effort to scare Americans as the 2018 midterm election on November 6th draws near in hopes that the issue will help Republicans.

In order for Republicans to prevent themselves from being swept out of power, they will need independent voters.

The problem is that these voters apparently see the immigration issue as a humanitarian crisis rather than a threat against our country, not what Trump had in mind.

When Doocy spoke with a group of independent voters on Monday morning, he clearly hoped that they would side with Trump. But the panel only demonstrated that Trump’s fear mongering is backfiring.

“I think uneven immigration laws are a problem for any country,” the first voter said. “And I think our immigration laws need to be modernized and updated. But this country is founded on immigration. And all of us come from immigrants.”

Doocy attempted to use scare tactics in order to elicit a pro-Trump answer by warning that the caravan could grow to around 20,000 people.

“This is the mightiest country on the planet, I think we can handle a caravan of people, unarmed, coming to this country,” the voter responded, going on to call for the migrants to be “properly processed.”

Indeed, border security is plenty capable of processing this large group of people, who would likely wait patiently to be admitted to this country to escape the chaos and violence in their homeland.

And that’s a main reason why another independent voter rejected the fear mongering.

“There’s a humanitarian crisis taking place in Central America,” the voter pointed out. “And yet, this issue gets turned into a complete political football. There’s very little honest discussion about what’s actually happening, it gets turned into talking points.”

Yet another voter criticized Trump and Fox for characterizing the caravan as some sort of invasion.

“Treating this as an ‘invasion’ is a bad idea and it’s going to end horribly,” the voter observed. “People have to realize these are human beings coming here, and there needs to be a real solution offered in dealing with it.”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

The rhetoric Trump is using to describe migrants could very well lead to violence against them from his rabid supporters, which includes armed right-wing militias and white supremacists. Clearly, Trump’s fear mongering is dangerous and has already resulted in children being put in cages in internment camps.

If Trump and Fox News thought their fear mongering efforts were working, they should think again. Because enough independent voters could be so turned off by this rhetoric that they help put Democrats over the top in the midterm election, and could be enough to sink Trump’s chances of being re-elected in 2020.


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