Fox Happily Spreads North Korean Propaganda, Calls Kim ‘Quite The Romantic’

Fox Happily Spreads North Korean Propaganda, Calls Kim ‘Quite The Romantic’

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While we’ve come to expect the folks at Fox News to heap verbal praise upon President Donald Trump and laud his every utterance or tweet, it appears the Fox gang has now decided to branch out and commend the actions of brutal dictators such as North Korea’s tyrannical leader, Kim Jong-un.

On Trump’s favorite show, Fox & Friends Thursday morning, the network ran a completely non-newsworthy story about Kim and his wife visiting a fish factory, something he apparently enjoys doing when he isn’t putting people in gulags, starving his citizens, or having political dissidents murdered for his amusement.

Jillian Mele showed photos of Kim out and about with the people, commenting:

“Turns out Kim Jong Un is quite the romantic.

“State media releasing the photos to showcase what the rogue regime considers its economic strength.”

When Mele pitched back to the three morning hosts, Steve Doocy remarked:

“The softer side.”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt then chimed in:

“Very romantic. A fish factory.”

Yet this is the very same trio of Fox nitwits who were critical of Kim earlier this year while showing footage of Kim’s sister at the Olympics in South Korea, Earhardt’s voice dripping with scorn as she remarked:

“This is the dictator’s sister, this is an embarrassment. That is ridiculous. She oversees propaganda for that country, the country that enslaves people, the country that starves people. The country that enslaves people.”

So what exactly changed between then and now? Only one thing: President Trump met with Kim in Singapore and was duped into believing the North Koreans were ready to scrap their nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. But recent reports tell a much different story as North Korea is now expanding its nuclear facilities and building new missile sites.

The parallels between North Korean state television and Fox News (aka Trump TV) are so obvious that the only people who can’t see them are the brainless Trumpkins who still believe Fox is in the business of journalism. But they’re nothing but a propaganda outlet willing to try and put a happy face on a murderous dictator as long as it pleases their own would-be tyrant.

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