Fox Host Ends Interview When Guest Dares To Criticize The NRA (Video)

Fox Host Ends Interview When Guest Dares To Criticize The NRA (Video)

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If there’s one thing the professional propagandists at Fox News love as much (or more) than President Donald Trump, it’s the National Rifle Association (NRA).

On his show Tuesday evening, Fox host Tucker Carlson got so worked up with a guest who dared to attack the NRA that he literally ended the interview.

Pat Davis, a Democratic candidate for Congress in New Mexico, recently released a campaign ad in which he declares:

“Fuck the NRA. Their pro-game policies have resulted in dead children, dead mothers, and dead fathers.”

Carlson told Davis that he found the use of “the F-word in the ad” to be degrading, which led Davis, a former cop, to respond:

“Being polite hasn’t made our schools any safer. It hasn’t protected police officers, like I used to be. If a cuss word on TV offends you more than dead children in parkland or Newtown then your priorities are all wrong.”

After criticizing Davis for his “rudeness,” Carlson then told his guest he needed to apologize for using such foul language in his ad. When Davis tried to de-escalate the tone of the debate, Carlson resorted to acting like a child, whining:

“I thought politeness didn’t work tough guy!? You know what works? Actually facts work, why don’t you get some facts.”

Oh Pat, do you like this new mode of communication we have? F the NRA Pat! Alright tough guy. Learn something about guns and get back to me.”

Yeah, Tucker, what would an ex-police officer know about guns and gun violence? Carlson’s “facts” are cribbed directly from NRA talking points, and the NRA only cares about protecting the gun manufacturers.

Clearly sensing that he had lost the argument, Carlson then pulled the plug on the entire interview, telling Davis:

“Interview over! Yeah because you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

As is typical of conservatives in the Trump era, when they know they’ve been bested by an opponent, they either resort to personal attacks or take their toy and go home to pout.

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