Fox Legal Analyst: Comey May Be Signaling Robert Mueller’s Next Moves (Video)

Fox Legal Analyst: Comey May Be Signaling Robert Mueller’s Next Moves (Video)

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James Comey’s interview with ABC News, which was broadcast Sunday evening in primetime, is already sending reverberations across Washington, with the White House trying desperately to counter allegations the former FBI Director made in the interview and enraging President Donald Trump, who tweeted out this Monday morning:

But while the administration may try to dismiss what Comey had to say, even Fox News is admitting that the Comey interview may be bad news for Trump in a way that may not be obvious at first glance.

Fox legal analyst Andrew Napolitano was a guest on Fox & Friends Monday morning, and he commented:

“The most dangerous thing was his comments about obstruction of justice. Why do I think that’s dangerous? Because he talks to [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller and because he knows Bob Mueller’s thinking on this.”

Napolitano then went on to explain exactly what he meant:

“We don’t care if Jim Comey thinks the president may have obstructed justice. But if he’s sending a signal that Mueller and company think that, they think it on the basis of some evidence and that’s potentially worrisome.”

Fox host Steve Doocy asked:

“You think he is talking to Mueller now?!”

To that, Napolitano replied:

“Sure, he’s a witness for Mueller so they interact all the time.”

While he was at it, Napolitano also said that he expects quite a scene in a New York courtroom today when Trump attorney Michael Cohen argues all of the materials seized from his office last week are protected by attorney-client privilege.

As for Comey talking to Mueller, it does indeed make perfect sense that the two men would be in contact with each other and that Comey would agree to be a witness against Trump, especially as it relates to the issue of obstruction of justice by Trump. And what he knows could well wind up proving to be exactly the evidence that helps make the case against the president.

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