Fox News Conservative Steve Hilton Demands Trump Fire This Corrupt Crony Cabinet Member

Fox News Conservative Steve Hilton Demands Trump Fire This Corrupt Crony Cabinet Member

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Besides being one of the biggest trolls on Twitter, President Trump’s other greatest feat is being able to surround himself with bigger amoral, inexperienced sociopaths than himself. Both nepotism and cronyism have become hallmarks of this ludicrous presidency, and not many high-ranking Republicans seem to care so long as they have power. But one Fox News host, believe it or not, is calling Trump out for his continued support of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Fox News host Steve Hilton on recently criticized Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in a segment in which he explicitly called out Ross for brazen conflicts of interest with his investments.

On his program “The Next Revolution,” Hilton was very apt to point out that Nautical Bulk Holdings, a shipping firm that Ross co-founded, ships steel from South Korea, which is obviously one of the countries Trump exempted from steel tariffs.

“He’s negotiating over South Korean steel imports while making money from importing South Korean steel,” Hilton said.

Hilton also reported that Ross’s chief of staff at the Commerce Dept. is still listed as a director of Nautical Bulk Holdings, directly contradicting a claim a year ago she resigned from the company. Showing even more furor over the conflict, Hilton says there’s no evidence that Ross has resigned from several companies that presented a direct conflict of interest.

Hilton spoke out strongly against Wilbur and his profiting off of deals with enemy nations like China.

The brutal Communist dictatorship in Beijing may be planning world domination but, hey, let’s not let that stop America’s Commerce Secretary from doing business with them while in office,  said Hilton. Wow! Talk about globalism.”\

the Trump administration is like the Mos Eisley of presidencies; a hive of scum and villainy. Much like EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt, Ross is clearly using his lofty government position for personal gain. Nearly two years in and the swamp is swampier than ever.

Watch the segment below:

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