Fred Guttenberg Says He Doesn’t Believe Kavanaugh’s Written Answer Explaining His Cold Shoulder

Fred Guttenberg Says He Doesn’t Believe Kavanaugh’s Written Answer Explaining His Cold Shoulder

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Brett Kavanaugh may be confirmed to the Supreme Court on Thursday despite historic low bipartisan approval. There are numerous reasons citizens are asking the Senate to reject him, but one particular image during his hearings will be frozen forever in time. It was when he gave an icy cold shoulder to Fred Guttenberg, the father of a Parkland school shooting victim, Jamie Guttenberg.

The video as he stood there with a dumfounded stunned look on his face as Guttenberg attempted to shake his hand will probably haunt Kavanaugh for the rest of his days. Now, we learn that he has given an official excuse for his seemingly superior attitude: He says he didn’t know who Guttenberg was.

Guttenberg says that can’t possibly be true. (see below)

From NBC News:

“Kavanaugh told the Senate Judiciary Committee he assumed the man who approached him was a protester. He says if he had known who Guttenberg was, ‘I would have shaken his hand, talked to him, and expressed my sympathy. And I would have listened to him.'”

Kavanaugh answered this question in writing after Senators gave him 1,287 written questions.

His answer doesn’t hold weight according to the famous father, who has been in the news coast to coast advocating for gun reform after losing his 14-year-old daughter on February 14, 2018.

According to Guttenberg, Kavanaugh’s response was neither timely nor accurate. Senator Lindsey Graham, no doubt realizing how pathetic this looked for the potential Justice, specifically asked Kavanaugh his thoughts on why he gave the father the cold shoulder, and although Guttenberg was still in the room, he failed to address the glaring issue.

Guttenberg explained that he was not seated anywhere near the protesters with photographic evidence.

Fred Guttenberg's picture from Twitter

Fred Guttenberg’s picture from Twitter

Then, in the Twitter thread, he gave his side of the story:

“Attached is a photo that I took from my seat to show how close I was to him all morning. I was not with protesters. Behind me were rows of other invited guests and behind the invited guests were tables for all of the press. Behind that were individual protesters escorted in and out by police. Where I was located, no protesters could get close to.

At the time of handshake, I was talking to someone else in this area. Yes, when he got up, I touched him and he turned and I extended my arm to say “Hello, my name is Fred Guttenberg, father of Jaime Guttenberg who was murdered in Parkland. That is always how I introduce myself.

He was looking at me until I said murdered in Parkland. He looked long enough to see the 3 memorial bracelets honoring my daughter that I had on as he notified police after the handshake and described the bracelets to them. The police wanted to see the bracelets and asked me questions about the meaning of the bracelets.

Bottom line, he chose not to return a handshake. The next day, when Senator Lyndsay Graham gave him a chance to address it, he chose not to.

Regarding security, yes that is correct that one did get up. However, notice the other two people responding and security following them. They were Don Mcgahn and Ron Rodstien who also heard the sentence and moved in. They did not want to discuss what happened in Parkland.

In life, we make choices. I am glad he responded to the issue in writing to a question but I now make the choice not to believe in the sincerity of the response. Not only did he not respond to Senator Graham, if he wanted to respond since he could have.

That said, nothing he did or nothing he will do will bring my daughter back and so I am moving on from this topic. My hope is that should he be selected, he rethinks some of his answers on gun safety as the responses that he gave should concern everyone.”

So, as you see, it once again, it appears Kavanaugh gave a highly suspect answer to the Senate Judiciary Committee. If they still move to confirm him to the Supreme Court, it will be a travesty of justice, not only for this father –but for America.

Jaime Guttenberg

Jaime Guttenberg via YouTube

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