G-7 Officials Don’t Know What to Expect from Trump at Upcoming Summit

G-7 Officials Don’t Know What to Expect from Trump at Upcoming Summit

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As Ivanka and Jared waved goodbye after wrapping up the first half of President Trump’s overseas visit, G-7 officials were struggling with the official statement that they will issue regarding this week’s upcoming summit.

According to Politico, the officials say that they have no idea what to expect from President Trump when it comes to key topics the group will discuss at the meeting.

The French are leaning on Trump to clarify whether he wants to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, and Italy hopes he will agree to accept more migrants fleeing war in the Middle East or contribute funds to help Europe deal with the flood of people.
U.S. officials, however, have so far submitted broad points that fail to nail down positions on issues the leaders will discuss Friday and Saturday in Taormina, Italy, according to four foreign officials and one U.S. official reached by POLITICO.

“We haven’t exactly seen the same situation before,” said Pierre Vimont, a former French ambassador to the United States who said he had spoken to people involved in the G-7 negotiations. “It’s been difficult to find an agreement with the Americans.”

It is possible that Trump is sending the vague signals as part of a bigger negotiating plan. White House officials suggested that the president will be addressing trade deals during the meeting and it is possible that he is waiting to see what he can get before committing to any policies.

Foreign officials are not the only ones who don’t know what to expect from the president lately. He has been just full of surprises! Trump has reversed course on several of his key campaign positions and broken more that one promise along the way. The one thing that has remained consistent is his desire to destroy anything that Obama supported.

“This new U.S. administration has been much more ready to change drastically what the previous administration was doing,” said Vimont. “This is why it makes the whole process of drafting a communiqué more difficult than before.”