Giuliani Predicts Michael Cohen Will Be ‘Disbarred’ For Releasing Trump Tapes

Giuliani Predicts Michael Cohen Will Be ‘Disbarred’ For Releasing Trump Tapes

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Now that President Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, has begun releasing recordings he made of conversations with his most famous client, the White House has been forced to shift into damage control mode.

Tuesday evening, Trump’s current attorney, Rudy Giuliani, called into The Ingraham Angle and tried his best to downplay audio of a Trump-Cohen tape which had been given to CNN earlier in the day. He was immediately asked the most pertinent question by the host:

“Are you concerned that there are other recordings out there between Cohen and the president?”

Giuliani replied:

“There are no other tapes with the president. We have all the tapes in our possession. We have transcripts of all of them. We’re comfortable with them. And there are no others.”

Of course, when you consider just how much both Giuliani and Trump lie, it’s hard to believe anything either says.

Later in the conversation, Giuliani shifted into full slag mode, attempting to paint Cohen and his counsel, Lanny Davis, as unethical:

“I question the strategy of doing this, of trying to make the tape say what it doesn’t say. Or of putting out a tape in which you’re kind of proud of the fact that you’re a lawyer taping your client. Then thinking you can cooperate with the government — you know, to cooperate with the government, you’ve got to have credibility. First thing that happens is this guy’s gonna be disbarred. I mean, it’s ridiculous. He’s a pariah to the legal profession.”

Then again, Rudy, you’re defending the most unethical man to ever become president, so if anyone is a pariah in the legal profession, it’s probably you.

Also, when more tapes come out — and dozens have already been turned over to the FBI — we’ll know yet again that nothing Giuliani or Trump says can be believed for a second. They stack lie upon lie like so much cordwood.

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