GOP Disgusted by Trump’s Tweets

GOP Disgusted by Trump’s Tweets

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Even Republican lawmakers think that the president’s early Thursday morning attack on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski was wrong on many levels. Even GOP lawmakers denounced the Twitter attack as unpresidential.

‘Beneath the Office’

Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Twitter that Trump’s tweets making fun of Brzezinski’s IQ, and claiming that she begged him for an interview while she was still “bleeding from a face-lift” were “beneath the office” of the President. Graham added that Trump’s Thursday tweets summed up what’s wrong with America’s politics.

Sen. Ben Sasse urged Trump to “just stop,” adding that such rabid attacks are “beneath the dignity of [his] office.” Sen. Orrin Hatch did not directly criticize Trump, but he called for “civility” in political fights.

Hatch’s communications director described the president’s latest tweetstorm as a series of “bad tweets,” adding that Trump’s legal team probably failed to cover “facelift insults.”

Rep. Tom Reed voiced his concern over the kind of “language” the president used to blast the MSNBC host. Reed noted, though, that he was not aware of the “context” of the tweets. Trump sent out the tweets at the time Brzezinski’ was on the air.

 “I was just made aware of that tweet, and don’t know the context,” Reed told CNN.

He suggested that the vulgar insults may be an attempt to distract the public’s attention from the real issues such as the healthcare reform.

Republican Women React

Another Republican, Rep. Lynn Jenkins, noted that women in politics have already a hard time as they’re constantly criticized for their looks. “We should be working to empower women,” the congresswoman added.

Sen. Susan Collins tweeted that the three branches of the government and the fourth estate “must show respect and civility” even though they may not get along at all times. Collins told CNN that we don’t always have to agree on everything, but such “uncivil language” is uncalled-for.