GOP Feelings Hurt After Trump Agrees to Dem’s Deal

GOP Feelings Hurt After Trump Agrees to Dem’s Deal

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Just minutes after House Speaker Paul Ryan rejected a deal on the short-term debt ceiling raise with the Democrats, Trump accepted the offer. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with whom Trump has been feuding, also said no to the Dems proposal.

After the deal, Republicans distanced themselves from Trump’s decision as they believe Trump’s cooperation with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer can only encourage the pair in future negotiations.

 “Obviously, it would have been better not to make us vote repeatedly on the debt ceiling. But I wasn’t surprised,” said Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS).

Wicker is convinced McConnell could have struck a better deal, but he thinks it is not worth starting a “big old fight” over it. Rep. Mike Simpson blasted Trump for the three-month deal. He ironically encouraged the President to do a daily debt ceiling agreement instead.

Simpson noted that Trump should have been better at negotiation since he touts himself as the best deal maker there is, and he even has written a book about it.

Trump’s Deal May Benefit Democrats in the Long Term

Trump’s collaboration with the Democrats will not help the GOP in the long run. It does prevent a government shutdown and keep the government out of default until December, but it also encourages Democrats to get more persistent in their push for immigration reform and other priorities.

In December, Congress will have to agree on a fiscal deal to hike the debt ceiling for a longer term if they want to stave off a shutdown during the 2018 fiscal year. Democrats and Republicans alike believe the President may bypass the GOP leadership in future negotiations as well.

On Wednesday, McConnell said his meeting with Trump on Tuesday was “cordial.” He also underlined that the debt-ceiling deal is Trump’s work, not his or Ryan’s, but added that he would support it.
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