GOP Senator Ties Himself In Knots While Discussing Trump’s Attacks On NATO (VIDEO)

GOP Senator Ties Himself In Knots While Discussing Trump’s Attacks On NATO (VIDEO)

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On the first day of the NATO summit in Brussels, President Donald Trump complained about the alliance not paying their bills and accused Germany of being beholden to Russia, which may well be the definition of perfect irony with a splash of hypocrisy thrown in for good measure.

How, you might wonder, do Congressional Republicans feel about the way Trump is deliberately trying to blow up the Western alliance that has stood for over 70 years? That was the question for Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R) Wednesday morning on CNN when host Alisyn Camerota asked if the president should have brought up the way Russia is attempting to interfere throughout Europe:

“Would you have liked for President Trump to bring up that point?”

Grassley responded:

“Well, don’t you think that he — that it’s evident?. He doesn’t have to bring it up.”

Camerota reminded the senator:

“I don’t know about that, senator. I don’t know where he stands with Russia.”

Before Camerota could continued, Grassley interrupted to declare:

“It is evident that Russia is in Crimea, Russia is threatening the Baltics, Russia is in Ukraine. You know that.”

The CNN host then asked the logical follow-up:

“So you are comfortable with the message and tone he started the NATO summit with?”

Grassley’s response was so ridiculous it could well be nominated for consideration for the absurdity hall of fame:

“I don’t want to ever say that I’m comfortable with anything.”

There’s one thing Senator Grassley and the majority of his GOP colleagues in the House and Senate are clearly comfortable with: Providing political cover for Donald Trump no matter what he does or says. They repeatedly refuse to disagree with or push back on anything that comes out of his mouth or shows up on his Twitter feed. And that’s why this president feels free to do as he pleases. Come November, voters can hold Trump accountable by voting out his Congressional lap dogs.

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