GOP Strategist Who Worked For Ted Cruz Says Trump Campaign Colluded With Russians

GOP Strategist Who Worked For Ted Cruz Says Trump Campaign Colluded With Russians

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More Republicans are coming to the conclusion that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with the Russians, including GOP strategist Rick Tyler, who served as former communications director for Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

In June 2016, Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner met with Russian agents inside Trump Tower in an effort to obtain “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government, a meeting that Trump claimed to be about adoption.

And then Trump admitted that his campaign colluded with the Russians in a tweet earlier this month.

Trump still insists that there was “no collusion,” but Tyler told Morning Joe on Friday morning that it’s clear there was collusion.

“There’s collusion with the Trump campaign with the Russians, that was clear,” Tyler began. “Whether it amounted to anything, that’s not been proven. They were willing to meet with Russian operatives to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. I reject the notion that, the idea — we are all using political world opposition research, and opposition research people base their reputation on providing accurate information…and they were looking for opposition research from a foreign government who doesn’t have America’s interest in mind. They were willing to coordinate with that group, they all knew it, that’s collusion.”

“Now whether it meets the definition of conspiracy or broke any particular laws, that’s a different question,” Tyler continued.

“But they colluded with the Russians — that’s clear,” he concluded.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is already looking at Trump’s tweets to build an obstruction of justice case. Now he has Trump’s tweet admitting that his campaign colluded with the Russians. Perhaps Trump was not a target of the investigation before, but odds are he is now and it could only be a matter of time before Mueller issues a subpoena to force Trump to testify. And given Trump’s inability to tell the truth, a perjury charge could be forthcoming as well.

In the end, Republicans are going to have to stop protecting Trump and do the right thing for this country by supporting impeachment. The first step is admitting that Trump colluded with Russia, and Tyler is yet another Republican who has done just that. Now if only Republican members of Congress would do the same.

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