Government Leases Trump Tower Space For Millions

Government Leases Trump Tower Space For Millions

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The Wall Street Journal obtained lease paperwork, through a freedom of information act request, that shows the US government signed a contract to rent a space in Trump Tower from April 2017 through September 30th, 2018. The President has not spent one night in the New York skyscraper since his inauguration. The First lady and the couples son continued to live in New York but moved to Washington in May.

The Lease

The lease shows that the US government will pay $2.39 million to rent a 3,475 square foot space in Trump Tower for 18 months. The government is paying more than $130,000 a month for this space that houses a military office that supports the White House.

Space is rented from a private individual who the government says does not have ties to the Trump family. Information about the owner of the building, however, was redacted from the lease information released to the Wall Street Journal. The government claims that Donald Trump himself does not benefit financially from the rent payments, however with the ownership a mystery it is impossible to say that definitively.

The lease in Trump Tower is far above market rate for luxury high rise space of similar size in Manhattan. This lease is one of the most expensive residential rentals in Manhattan.

The High Cost of the Trump Presidency

President Trump has not only cost the United States standing in the world. He has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. While Trump’s agenda is committed to cutting spending on programs for the most vulnerable Americans, meals on wheels, Medicaid for the elderly and disabled, women’s healthcare centers and countless others, he seems entirely comfortable flushing US dollars down a gold plated toilet in Trump Tower.

It remains unclear why the military needs to have an office set up in Trump Tower to support the White House when the President has not spent one night in the building since taking office. In addition to the money spent to rent the space in the tower, Congress also approved a budget item in May that includes $60 million to protect Trump Tower.