Haitian-American Attorney Midwin Charles Strongly Condemns Trump

Haitian-American Attorney Midwin Charles Strongly Condemns Trump

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The fallout from Donald Trump’s racist remarks about Haiti continued on Friday morning when respected Haitian-American attorney Midwin Charles took him to the woodshed.

On Thursday, Trump referred to Haiti as a “sh*thole country” and wondered why we can’t “take them out.”

The remarks sparks outrage across the country and around the world as Americans and the international community rallied around Haiti and condemned Trump’s words.

Trump would respond on Friday morning by denying what he said.

But nobody is buying Trump’s denial. Aides and Democratic lawmakers who were at the meeting have confirmed Trump’s nasty remarks. Republican lawmakers have also condemned him. And Haitian-Americans are pretty damn pissed off.

During an appearance on MSNBC on Friday, attorney Midwin Charles sent a strong message to Trump that he would be well-advised to follow.

“I am first generation American,” Charles began, explaining that her parents came from Haiti to seek a better life.

“In 1804, Haiti became the first free black republic in the world,” she continued, emotionally pointing out that Haiti has been resilient and is still recovering from a devastating earthquake that struck the nation a few years ago, which makes Trump’s remarks even more hurtful.

She even defiantly repeated what Trump said rather than censoring the word, and gave a passionate description of the Haitian people.

“They became a beacon for other Latin American countries, and the light for liberty and for democracy. So starting with that, and culminating to today, which happening to be an eight-year anniversary of an earthquake that decimated the country, so this idea that a group of people come from a country that is a sh*thole, and I’m going to say the word because it is the word that the president of these United States has used — it’s outrageous, it’s degrading.”

Finally, Midwin Charles advised Trump to stop golfing and spend more time visiting countries and meeting people before he insults them without knowing anything about them.

“I would beseech him to go out and read a book, get off the golf course, visit Haiti, visit Africa, and read that book and understand how history works,” Charles said. “A lot of people come to this country because their countries have been destabilized by American foreign policy, okay. In 1915, America occupied Haiti, all right, so I think it’s incredibly important that the president of the United States understands the history of what it is that he’s talking about.”

Here’s the video via YouTube. Midwin Charles’ remarks start at the 7:20 mark.

Donald Trump made a terrible remark. And he has only made it worse by refusing to take personal responsibility and apologize. Racism is unacceptable from the president and there does need to be consequences. No people and no country should be treated the way Trump just treated Haiti.

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